About Alan Auto Glass

Alan Auto Glass opened for business in 1960 in North Hollywood, California. After eight years, operations were moved to a larger facility on Oxnard Street in North Hollywood. Throughout the 1970s Alan Auto Glass provided glass for a myriad of movies and television shows, experiencing such steady growth that the business warranted expansion into the building next door in 1985.

By 2004 Alan Auto Glass was looking for yet more space. We found a building in Burbank and set about making another major expansion.

As of 2011, operations are overseen by Lee Festich at our full-service facility on Kenmere Avenue in Burbank. Lee began working with his father, the founder of Alan Auto Glass, in 1962. With over fifty years in the industry, his knowledge and experience are incomparable.

About Our Process

The manufacturing of custom auto glass requires precision and and exacting eye for detail.

Alan Auto Glass uses a custom tool, designed in house, to aquire the shape of the glass. A flat linolium pattern of the cut is created.

We then employ an oil-based cutter to cut the flat glass preciscely to the pattern.

Shaping and bending are accomplished by placing the flat glass into the tool and heating until the glass takes shape.

After cooling, installation begins. For windshields, application-specific adhesives are used during assembly. For example, some movie productions warrant adhesives that allow for faster and repeat removal and reinstallation.

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